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Tire Profiles provides increased sales for its customers through state-of-the-art diagnostic technology

Friday, October 18, 2019 - 06:00
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Tire Profiles LLC,the industry leader in laser diagnostic systems for tire wear and alignment analysis, provides automotive service centers, tire retailers, and dealerships the opportunity to increase sales of not only tires, but of all the associated services, such as alignment, brakes, and more through technology that provides customized analytics and reporting.
“Like oil changes, tires are a high-volume business,” said David Boyle, president and CEO of Tire Profiles. “While tires alone are a low margin sale, they are the key to so many other repairs. And in high volume, they will produce substantial incremental revenue. The key to tapping into this revenue is to capture 100 percent of the  opportunity-- electronically. This ensures that you don’t miss any opportunities, which provide the volume you need, and doing it electronically allows you to take action based on the data.”
 “Tire Profiles has revolutionized the auto industry with our drive-over and hand-held technology for tire and wheel alignment diagnostic systems,” said Boyle. “Our state-of-the-art TreadSpec™ and GrooveGlove™ diagnostic products have not only increased the number of wheel alignments at auto service centers and dealerships across the nation and throughout the globe, they’ve also created a surge in tire sales.”
TreadSpec 2.0 captures the tire, alignment and rotation diagnostics of a vehicle’s tires, along with its license plate when the vehicle drives over it. The drive-over technology requires no labor, as software automatically captures all the data in one easy step. The TreadSpec 2.0 diagnoses uneven wear before it’s visible to the human eye and integrates easily into current service processes. GrooveGlove takes the TreadSpec technology mobile and places tire monitoring and alignment in the palm of the user’s hand. GrooveGlove holds the distinction of being awarded Best New Technology at SEMA in 2015. Both TreadSpec 2.0 and GrooveGlove use Tire Profiles Tread Tracker feature report that educates consumers with the results of their vehicle’s tire and alignment diagnostics, creating a possible review for new tires, as well as wheel alignments.
“Customer education and transparency is a big part of what we offer to a service center or dealership,” said Boyle. “We provide a faster, more accurate way to communicate tire wear and tread patterns to ensure the right replacement decisions are made to keep the car on the road and the consumer safe.”
In January 2014, Tire Profiles officially launched the TreadSpec brand of products to meet the needs to the automotive, new car and aftermarket segments. The second generation TreadSpec™2.0 is more durable, longer lasting, and combines enhanced features such as lower profile for easier drive-over, a water deflection system for clearer imagery and enhanced license plate recognition for improved reading accuracy. The Treadspec technology scans hundreds of points across each tire and diagnoses tread depth accuracy better than ±0.2 mm.
Now with TreadSpec 2.0 and Groove Glove, Tire Profiles is the industry leader in tire and alignment measurement and diagnostic systems and instruments.
About Tire Profiles LLC
Tire Profiles, LLC, was founded by Roger Tracy, and is led by David Boyle, President and CEO, who together bring more than 50 years of combined engineering, automotive, technology and industrial design experience.
Tire Profiles was formed in 2008 as an offshoot of a South Carolina based railway diagnostics company called ImageMap. From the early 1990s, Tracy and his team of engineers at ImageMap developed diagnostic measurement systems for railway infrastructure and rolling stock.  At the same time, ImageMap was also developing systems for use in the tire engineering labs of major tire manufacturers to measure tread depth and sidewall deflection of tires under load. The cutting-edge technology of these “TireMap” systems formed the seed of what would eventually become Tire Profiles. For more information visit www.Tireprofiles.com

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