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Buying quality used tires starts with a reputable supplier

Friday, April 5, 2019 - 06:00
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When it comes to acquiring used tires for resale, quality is key. A lot of consumers are looking for used rather than new for the obvious reason of saving money. This has created a growing market for used tires. Whether a collision shop looking to fix damaged tires while keeping an estimate more affordable, or a service repair shop looking to replace worn tires, your shop could make a lot of money on used tire sales, but to get started, you need to find a supplier.

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The key to consistent quality is the right supplier

There are a variety of options available, from huge importers to local suppliers. There are also some scrap tire recyclers that salvage the usable tires they collect. Regardless of what supplier you choose, you want to make sure you pick a reputable one. Here are some signs of a good used tire supplier.

They inspect their tires thoroughly

When it comes to inspecting used tires, a quick visual examination isn’t good enough. Any reputable used tire supplier will have a dedicated inspection team that is up-to-date on the latest standards. This type of knowledge takes training. Each tire should be examined in a detailed inspection process.

When vetting suppliers, ask them about their inspection process. Also clarify who does the inspections and what kind of training they have. If the supplier can’t give you confident, specific answers to your questions, don’t buy from them.

They have a variety of sizes and treads available

Experienced suppliers will carry a wide variety of sizes and treads. When considering vendors, be transparent with them about your exact needs. You may even be able to negotiate price. Tell them what sizes and treads you’ll need, and the quantities of each type.

They offer competitive pricing

Understand that suppliers need to make a profit too. That being said, you should see what kind of pricing a vendor’s competitors are offering. This will give you a good idea of whether you’re getting a fair price. Also take into account any minimum order requirements and order processing times.

They receive positive online reviews

Search for suppliers online and see if you can find them listed on established review sites like the Better Business Bureau or Yellow Pages. Don’t just look at the number of stars a supplier gets; read through the reviews. If none of them contain any comments, then the reviews may not be legitimate. It can also be informative to read the negative reviews, but you should take them with a grain of salt, as reviewers can sometimes get emotional and may exaggerate when this happens. If several different people are saying similar things, this is a good indication that the reviews have truth to them.

Thoroughly research potential suppliers

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to just a few vendors, talk to previous customers. Be sure to find customers who were satisfied and customers who were unsatisfied so that you get a complete picture of how each supplier manages their business.

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