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Tire dealers win big at Yokohama's SEMA blackjack tournament in Las Vegas

Thursday, November 6, 2008 - 01:00

Tire dealer Terry Baker, of Foree Tire Distributors in Denver, is driving away with a $70,000 Superformance MKIII car that he won in Yokohama’s Beat the Odds blackjack tournament at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Scott McClain from S&S Tire in Lexington, Ky., finished second and claimed $5,000 in cash. Third place went to Jeff Weightman of Tire Works Total Car Care in Las Vegas, who collected $1,000 in cash. More than 30 Yokohama tire dealers participated in the Nov. 4 event, which took place in the Yokohama booth.

Baker was overjoyed and completely surprised that he won the car, which is fitted with Yokohama S.drive tires.

“This is a really cool car,” Baker declares. “I can’t wait to drive it around Denver. My wife didn’t believe me when I called her and told her I won. She thought I was kidding.”

McClain said winning $5,000 feels “really great.” Weightman says quite happy as well with his prowess at the card table. “I did much better than last year.”

For more information, visit www.yokohamatire.com.

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