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Hankook Tire Guage Index reveals most drivers don't know how to deal with potholes

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - 07:00
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It was a record breaking winter this year as much of the country, especially the East Coast and New England, experienced months of relentless snowfall. Needless to say, residents of these regions are relieved to finally see snow melting and the coming of spring flowers. However, even as the snow melts, drivers are reminded of winter’s wrath, as snow and cold temperatures create one of the most dreaded obstacles on the road – the pothole.

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Hankook Tire’s Quarterly Gauge Index found that 37 percent of Americans said they noticed more potholes during the spring of 2014 compared to spring 2013, and experts predict this season’s crop of potholes to be even worse. According to U.S. Climate Data, Boston averages around 44 inches of snow each year, but received a whopping 108.6 inches of snow this winter. When Northeasterners were surveyed, 47 percent thought there had been more potholes last year, and with 2015 seeing exceptionally high snowfall amounts, even more potholes are expected throughout the country.

Knowledge of how to maneuver these obstacles is key, and according to the Gauge, only 14 percent of drivers are following the correct protocol – slow down and drive as carefully as possible over the pothole to avoid accidents with other vehicles. Conversely, 54 percent of drivers try to swerve around them.

As long as inclement weather exists, so will the pothole. They are an unfortunate reality for all drivers. Hankook Tire encourages you to share these tips with customers so they can follow “pothole protocol” and adhere to these tips when approaching a pothole:

Don’t swerve – Dodging a pothole by swerving can lead to accidents with other cars because you’re not staying in your lane.  Instead, AAA advises that drivers safely slow down as much as possible to prevent any potential damage to your vehicle’s tires, wheels or suspension components.

Check your tires – The latest Gauge revealed that forty-five percent (45%) of Americans have had damage to their car when driving over a pothole. Whether it’s a blown tire, bent rims or broken suspension components, hitting a pothole can cause serious damage to your car. Make sure you check your tires after going over one, even if you don’t think any damage was done.

Learn to change a tire – According to the Gauge, twenty-two percent (22%) of Americans still do not know how to change a tire. Learn the process and always make sure you pack a spare tire in your trunk, in case you blow a tire going over a pothole.

Choose the right tire – Now that the worst part of winter seems to be over, it will soon be time to remove winter tires and switch to more season-appropriate tires. Tires like the Hankook Ultra-High Performance Ventus V12 evo2 and High Performance All-Season Ventus V2 concept2 tires are perfect for handling upcoming spring road conditions with their impressive wet and dry traction and handling.

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