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Hankook incorporates three E's into commercial tire line

Friday, June 26, 2009 - 00:00

Hankook Tire annouces that its e3 (pronounced e-Cubed) is the company's new technology branding for the company’s commercial tire business. The announcement was made at the Great West Truck Show.
The e3 designation is designed to help dealers and customers understand the advanced technology behind its commercial tires delivering across three main areas: energy, economy and environment. e3 is designed to increase fuel economy (energy), allow for improved fuel savings and wear performance (economy) as well as minimize harmful carbon dioxide discharge (environment).

“Hankook remains committed to helping our customers reduce costs while being environmentally friendly,” says Brian Sheehey, director of commercial tires, Hankook Tire America Corp. “Energy, economy and environment - the focus areas for e3 – continue to be key concerns in today’s commercial trucking industry as well. By categorizing a broad range of advanced technologies under e3, Hankook will be able to demonstrate how we deliver significant benefits in each category.”

The technology is being integrated into Hankook’s newest versions of Line Haul tires, scheduled to be available in early 2010.

“Last year, Hankook had three of its commercial fleet tires certified for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) SmartWay Program” Sheehey said. “As we roll out several new commercial truck tires over the next two years, we will look to secure additional SmartWay certifications.”

Hankook offers 13 truck tire models providing coverage for all truck and bus tire service applications and is available at more than 700 servicing commercial dealer locations. The tire maker has fitments with several original equipment manufacturers, including Navistar and IC Bus, and trailer companies, such as Vanguard National Trailer Corp., Hyundai Translead, Great Dane Trailers, Cheetah Chassis and Kentucky Trailer Technologies.

The application of a new design technology called Stiffness Control Contour Theory (SCCT), provides enhanced durability and allows Hankook to balance optimum stiffness with contact shape, improving performance, safety, cornering, braking and durability.

“Hankook consistently invests approximately 5 percent of revenue into technological innovation,” says Bill Bainbridge, director of brand communications, Hankook Tire America Corp. “Hankook’s goal is always to provide products designed to promote cleaner, more efficient truck technologies, e3 allows us to do so. And we continue to reinforce our product quality by offering one of the most comprehensive warranty programs available which includes both casing and retreading allowances.”

e3 falls under Hankook’s overall Kontrol Technology philosophy, which focuses on a set of proprietary innovations, applied throughout research, development and production to ensure controlled driving experiences. The result of Kontrol Technology is tires that provide a range of driving benefits across four areas that customers identify as key when choosing quality tires: Performance; Safety; Comfort; and a tire's impact on the Environment.

For more information, visit www.hankooktireusa.com.

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