• There are only 4 ways and electrical circuit can fail. Knowing that puts you one step closer to fixing the problem!
  • There are similarities between current technology and fuel cell technology that make having a basic understanding of this technology very relevant.
    Jeff Minter
  • The DSO can be an invaluable tool if you're comfortable using it.
    Pete Meier
  • One innovative strategy to set your shop apart is to consider offering nitrogen, instead of air, for filling tires. 
    Tracy Martin
  • The DSO can be an invaluable diagnostic tool if you’re comfortable using it. 
    Pete Meier
  • Here are some quick tips for keeping 4x4 trucks ready for hunting season, camping trips or spontaneous rides in the hills and back out again, keeping the work profitable and keeping headaches to a minimum.
    Motor Age Magazine
  • If you are working on European vehicles you know that one of the most common procedures that you will need to perform after replacing a component is Coding. 
  • The quest for further gains in fuel economy continue, mandated by a little thing called CAFE, short for Corporate Average Fuel Economy, a series of regulations enacted by Congress passed in reaction to the OPEC embargo of the ’70s.
    Pete Meier
  • Here are tips and techniques for successfully troubleshooting charging system concerns. 
    dave hobbs
  • Annual SAE On-Board Diagnostics Symposium allows OEMs, manufacturers and other industry constituents to share experiences and ideas for the future.
  • Working on fuel systems does take a bit more effort and knowledge and there really aren’t any magic bullets or one-size-fits-all rules that apply to everything and make testing easier since the systems differ so much, but even so it’s definitely possible to quickly and accurately figure out what’s going wrong and fix it right the first time.
    Motor Age Magazine
  • A 2010 Ford F150 with more than 177,000 miles on its clock came in with the check engine light illuminated due to a P2096 (Post Catalyst Fuel Trim System Too Lean) DTC.
  • Changing your customer’s oil is a more important service than you might imagine!
    dave hobbs
  • Perhaps one of the toughest jobs in the automotive field is diagnosing small leaks, especially A/C and Fuel Vapor (EVAP) leaks. Finding these leaks can be time consuming and frustrating to say the least.
  • The 4-stroke internal combustion engine continues to be refined and optimized for greater power and efficiency along with lower emissions.
    Scot Manna
  • All those vehicles on the road that still use timing belts need experts like you to be ready to replace them. Here’s how to avoid common problems and keep the job profitable – no matter what you’re working on.
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  • If you’ve been wondering what all the hype about telematics is and how it will affect your role as a vehicle service professional, read on. 
    dave hobbs
  • In the March 2016 issue of Motor Age, I wrote an article on this same subject — “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” This month I would like to carry on this thought with a little more in-depth study of how thermal imaging works and a case study on an electrical system problem. Let’s take a few minutes and explore how this works.
  • With extensive racing backgrounds, BMW and Mercedes have also created a series of vehicles that share more with their race-driven brethren than that of their mass-produced counterparts. 
  • The “repeatable” technique that will be covered here applies to engine breathing issues, but also can be used for a variety of other complaints — low power, lean codes and transmission shifting, to name a few.