• The basics of electrical theory haven’t changed over the years, but that doesn’t mean your electrical diagnostic process shouldn’t be changing. This article will focus on how a thermal imaging camera can be used to supplement your electrical diagnostic process.
    Jeff Minter
  • Inevitably there is a "F.R.E.D." (Frustrating Ridiculous Electronic Device) controlling the overly complex system making everything even more intimidating. With throttle-by-wire being the standard system for several years, we've gotten over the butterflies on that system, but the feeling still exists for many techs when it comes to brake-by-wire systems.
    dave hobbs
  • But even though they’re prone to age quickly, these vehicles in particular really need to be maintained and kept in good condition, not just for the safety and security of drivers and passengers, but also for everyone else sharing the road with them.  
    Motor Age Magazine
  • Our goal is to not only take care of our customers’ vehicle needs, but to also keep vehicles in good running order with a long life. Therefore, it is imperative that someone do much needed vehicle inspections. 
  • Even though new Saab models are no longer arriving on American shores, there is a large fleet of existing customers that are still in need of service.
    Pete Meier
  • Get up to date with technology, tools and techniques to get today’s exhaust systems running quiet, running clean and passing OBD II monitors/state emission tests. 
    dave hobbs
  • Take a look at the new Dodge Ram light-duty diesel.
  • Tips on finding that evaporative emissions’ very small leak source.
  • I’ll focus on a few main types of systems that may impact how your shop handles even “basic” services such as brakes, tires and alignments.
    Jeff Minter
  • Learn how to navigate the electrical circuit roadmap.
    Tracy Martin
  • Here are a few of my favorite uses for the scope. I hope you find them helpful.
    Pete Meier
  • What do you do when the instrument panel is lit like a Christmas tree?
  • Learn how to properly maintain the growing number of modern diesel engines on the road.
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  • Your customers are blissfully unaware of how hard their stability control systems work – until they stop working!
  • While it’s great that safety is no longer an expensive luxury, advanced safety systems can easily be affected or even damaged by well-meaning technicians while performing routine service procedures.
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  • Smart shops are taking advantage of the opportunities reprogramming offers. Isn’t it time you did the same?
    Eric Zeigler
  • In order to find a vehicle problem, a technician must be prepared to interrogate the vehicle owner and address their concerns.
  • With the rapid growth of vehicles using R1234yf and the increasing age of those first introduced, now is the time to prepare for the inevitable — and welcome that change with open arms.
    Pete Meier
  • Once alcohol-blended fuels appeared on the scene, large numbers of cars with fuel leaks started appearing in the automotive repair shops. Lots of cars started leaking raw, unburned fuel.
  • Meeting the latest diesel emission control regulations would not have been possible without a completely new approach in fuel system design. While the earlier hydromechanical systems were certainly reliable, a new level of precision was required that could only be achieved with computer control of individual injectors.