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  • The Automotive Communication Council (ACC) has announced its new officers and board of governors for 2009. The board became effective at the ACC spring 2009 meeting, which was in May in Austin, Texas.
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  • Steering assist and control is one of the many systems we have sseen continually change and evolve over the years. All fo the OEMs have invested millions of dollars into the advancement of steering controls. Whatever the age of the system or how adva
  • It takes energy to compress an air/fuel charge, spin the individual piston through its four strokes and overcome the friction inherent in all the moving parts. This is negative energy, or the amount of energy it takes to produce the mechanical work n
  • Effective with the 2008 model year, the communication standard for emissions related computers is CAN. Even this protcol has been around for a while and is not limited to engine control. Whether you focus on drivability issues or HVAC repair, brakes
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is a further refinement of the orginal Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS). In the wake of governmental and public outcry, the NHTSA proposed a new rule requring this on all vehicles by 2012. Modern ESC systems are complet
  • Putting a bandage on an unsafe vehicle isn?t anything you are interested in. Rather, getting the vehicle fixed right the first time with quality parts is of utmost importance. So any time a good look at a vehicle?s safety components can be completed,
  • When you think of drivability issues, the proper function of the air conditioning and cooling systems is probably the last thing on your mind. In addition, global warming is one of the "hot" issues of our day, and refrigerant emissions — both d
  • While most service professionals provide expert mechanical work, there's another side to the coin. Installing custom leather interiors doesn't require advanced technical skills, but it does call for quality craftsmanship, along with a sense of style.
  • Chrysler's Star Mobile PC-based scan tool offers a number of diagnostic functions, including a CAN-C Bus Test and Advanced LoC screen.
  • MAHLE Clevite Inc. is offering technical information regarding gasket replacement for GM LS series engines.
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  • It turns out that hybrid electrical vehicles have enough in common with conventional vehicles that you can start doing basic hybrid maintenance with a minimal investment. This cwould be the first step before taking on more specialized hybrid system r
  • Introduced in 2006, the Raider is a Dodge Dakota chassis and drivetrain under a Mitsubishi body. Both the LS and XLS versions are well-equipped, and the XLS DuroCross comes standard with a trailer tow package. Full-time AWD is optional.
  • A recent technical bulletin by SKF provides information for properly cleaning and maintaining bearings. Proper bearing cleaning can mean the difference between good performance and bearing failure. If cleaning is done improperly, the bearing, shaft o
  • Inspecting shock absorbers correctly is actually very simple. Start by looking for fluid leaks. While some "sweating" on the side the tube doesn't indicate a problem, oil dripping out is a sign of failure. There are other things to look for, as well
  • The use of exhaust gas recirculation to assist in emissions control is common to most manufacturers. These systems all cool combustion chamber temperatures to reduce the emissions of oxides of nitrogen, or NOx. Their function is similar. Burned gasse
  • This month, we will discuss an often overlooked cause of loss of communication with a powertrain control module (PCM). Many techs have been trained to first check a non-communicating module for proper power feeds and grounds. In addition, techs were
  • Frost & Sullivan's Strategic Analysis of Emission and Idling Reduction Technologies for EPA 2010 and Idling Regulations Compliance provides a comprehensive overview of the key challenges brought about by the EPA 2010 and idling regulations on the
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  • Water management is a wonderful thing that we take for granted until it doesn't work right. Harness grommets can become unseated and give water a path. A wire harness with a tape breach in the upper side can carry water to a place inside the car wher
  • Many shops probably are affiliated with AAA, and the automobile club has revealed some staggering numbers about the cost of crashes, which are increasing, shedding some light on new repair work you could capitalize on. The societal cost of crashes is
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