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  • Warning indicators can be our best friends if we interpret them properly. But what if somebody doesn't know what a particular warning lamp means? Those of us who are old enough remember those green or blue COLD lights on some Chryslers and Fords in t
  • When our VAT40 died at the Ford/Jeep dealer, the shop foreman and service manager opted for what appeared to be a suitable succedaneum. The new tester came off the MAC tool truck for a cash exchange of about $1,700.
  • I am teaching eight courses this semester, and live work is piling on us faster than we can work it out. The cool thing is that the students are learning to gather data and make surgical repairs.
  • The road to learning has some pretty sharp curves.
  • Valve stem seal problems are as old as overhead valves. Those puffy brown rock-hard deposits (that can look kind of like brown ice cream) on the spark plugs aren't always so noticeable on some engine platforms with leaking stem seals, but they blatan
  • A driver brought his Probe into the shop with an inoperative A/C and a dead charging system, and both concerns had happened simultaneously. When they opened the hood, they saw that the 2.5L had tossed its outboard serpentine belt (the one that drives
  • A Lexus SC300 came into our shop once with an oil leak that we identified as a power steering pressure line leak. The owner later brought in his mother's 1996 Chevy Blazer to have its engine worked on. From that Blazer to oil leaks in Chevy trucks, t
  • One of the niftiest things about opening the hood on a car that has been at several other shops is that in many cases, they've done all the hard work for you. Be that as it may, it's wise to gather the data that you know is pertinent and come to your
  • Water management is a wonderful thing that we take for granted until it doesn't work right. Harness grommets can become unseated and give water a path. A wire harness with a tape breach in the upper side can carry water to a place inside the car wher