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  • When our dispatcher went shopping for the car of his dreams, he bought his wife a gorgeous 1998 Continental at the Lincoln-Mercury dealer. It was in perfect condition, the test-drive went well, and he plunked down the cash.
  • Just about every experienced technician on the planet who has been around during the past 20 years would like to have a dollar for every oxygen sensor he or she has replaced.
  • It came into the dealership on the hook as a no-start, as yellow as a lemon and actually in pretty good shape, with what seemed to be a good track record. The speedo clock registered enough miles to have circled the planet four times as the crow flie
  • Remember how some folks used to complain about cold fast-idle settings that seemed too high? Some people wouldn't have even noticed ...
  • I’m not the first automotive technician who has put words on paper about many of our customers’ pie-in-the sky ideas about that mythical, all-powerful ‘Machine’ we have stashed in the service bay that will tell us which bolts
  • After an engine wash, a 1984 Jeep CJ starts sputtering and skipping, and the owner turns to Contributing Editor Richard McCuistian for help.
  • Ford F150 pickup with stalling, no-start problem.
  • After repairing collision damage, the body shop turns to Contributor Richard McCuistian to find out why a 1995 Dodge Ram pickup won't start.
  • I was introduced to the Tempo, which was Contour's predecessor in late 1983 when they were brand new.
  • When we encounter a vehicle with multiple problems that occurred right after a repair, it's natural to assume that the problems are related to the repair, right?
  • Those of us who have been in or around the automotive repair business since the late ’60s can remember when the most complicated electrically driven parts in most American vehicles were the radios, the motor-driven windows or the turn signals.
  • Teaching automotive technology can be interesting, to say the least.
  • 1991 Volkswagen Corrado
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  • One Moody pickup
  • A 1986 Toyota Cressida provides valuable lessons to Contributing Editor Richard McCuistian
  • Many people have never seen a Delorean in "the flesh," though most have at least seen the Michael J. Fox "Back to the Future" films.
  • I had a two-week break from teaching last summer and decided to spend some of that time back at the Ford dealership.
  • The Not So Nifty F-150