• Sparking your knowledge of electricity can help you solve basic problems in the bay.
  • There are hundreds of color-coded wires on every vehicle, some of them carrying loads, but many more conductors these days are carrying delicate signals that require almost no current at all through tiny little wires.
  • Problems in modern electrical systems can cause all sorts of complaints, from a taillight that doesn't work to an engine that runs poorly. But using voltage drop testing will help you diagnost these automotive problems.
  • It was not all that long ago that a slight random misfire might go undetected. Misfires generate unburned hydrocarbons and increase the load on the catalytic converter. If the misfire rate is excessive, the catalytic converter can overheat and be dam
  • Each time you face a vehicle in your bay this spring with a reported A/C problem, you'll initially check the airflow through the ducts and the A/C controls, maybe static pressure in the system. Once under the hood, you will look at the compressor to
  • You all already know how important it is for an ECM/PCM (or any other control module, for that matter) to have a good power supply and good grounds. Typically, grounds fail at their point of connection, and testing these ground connections can be mad
    Pete Meier
  • Most automotive repair professionals have a working knowledge of the operation of the basic oxygen sensor. However, newer wideband designs are more sophisticated and often misunderstood by even the most experienced technicians.
  • As long as vehicles have been rolling, the speed of the load-carrying wheels has been an issue. When I was a young boy watching western movies in the 1960s, I could always tell when a wagon was going to crash, because the camera would focus on a wood
  • To troubleshoot any power door lock system, understanding that particular system is key (pun intended). In the beginning, power locks basically were reversible motors with a threaded armature that would spin around a rod with matching threads. Spinni
  • The operation of electric cooling fans is not complicated, and troubleshooting a loss of fan operation usually is pretty straightforward. This month, we'll share a few tips on diagnosing common faults.
  • No-crank or slow-crank concerns are among the most common customer complaints we deal with as automotive service professionals. If you can verify the concern, these are relatively easy to diagnose when compared to the myriad of possible engine perfor
  • For more than 40 years, the auto industry has devoted a major portion of its engineering resources to reducing exhaust gas emissions. In the U.S., it all began with positive crankcase ventilation, introduced in 1967. Air Injection Reaction (AIR) was
  • During the last 10 years, I?ve worked in a variety of shops and, to date, have been the only tech that owned a DSO. When techs see it in use for the first time, they invariably ask what I?m doing and why ? and then ask if they should own a scope of t
  • Wheel speed sensors detect the rotation speed of a wheel that's moving. Active wheel speed sensors detect rotation speed all the way down to zero, and the newest sensors can detect the direction of rotation, too. Four different sensor designs are in