• Electrical problem analysis can be very rewarding if the technician is properly trained and has the proper equipment. 
  • In its simplest terms, voltage drop testing is the measuring of the voltage differences that may be present at various points in a circuit. The truth is, every circuit has some voltage drop.
  • Today’s power distribution centers do a whole lot more than provide a fused pathway. They need to provide power to an innumerable amount of onboard electronic devices and at the same time they have to do the job with less weight.
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  • As hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and its derivatives continue to populate the market, HV LOI failures have become a common failure mode for technicians to analyze, diagnose, and repair. 
  • Absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries are nearly identical in appearance and chemistry to flooded lead acid batteries. 
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  • Aside from air ride systems and electronically controlled sway bar equipped vehicles, if we keep our discussion to only electronically controlled shocks and struts, the systems really fall only into three basic categories.
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  • You connect a scope the same way you would connect a multimeter to test for voltage. The difference is rather than looking at voltage numbers you are looking at a waveform.  
  • While there are still late model vehicles out there sporting the basic gauge package, sender-driven magnetic gauges are as archaic now as bimetal units were 20 years ago. Just about every instrument cluster is computerized.
  • In all cases there is a certain amount of work that should be done to determine the causes of the previously unknown culprit (some call them gremlins).
  • Parasitic draw problems have changed a lot over the years. Fast-forward to today, and the places on a vehicle that can cause battery drain are endless. 
  • Military hybrid vehicle designs do a lot more than just save fuel.
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  • Have you looked under the hood of a hybrid vehicle lately? If you have, then you already are familiar with the fact that there no longer is a serpentine-style drive belt to turn the accessories. Perhaps you have seen the advertisements that on some models of hybrid vehicles you can control the climate control system from your smartphone. Things definitely are changing. 
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  • Volvo Car Group will use the Geneva Motor Show to reveal its new in-car control system, which is designed around a large tablet-like touch screen that will simplify and enhance the way drivers operate their cars.
  • What will the impact of telematics be on your business, besides understanding it well enough to fix it?
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  • Many technicians might not be familiar with a Megohm, aka Megger meter, but it’s not all that different from your Digital Multimeter’s (DMM) ohm meter.
  • My wife is a drive-through bank teller, and she says one in four of her customers have a driver side front power window that is inoperative. Any shop owner knows there’s a big profit in power windows.
  • If ABS could use electronic control modules to prevent wheel lock-up under hard braking, why couldn’t that same system be used to prevent wheel spin?
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  • Just by doing the first step, disconnecting the battery cable, on a modern vehicle can completely nullify your diagnostics.  
  • One of the most difficult things to diagnose in the automotive electronics world is electrical noise. There are more ways to cause noise, and noise is often classified as different things: distortion, interference, jamming, etc. Just to make it easier to talk about, we will just call it all noise. 
  • Hybrid and fuel cell technology provides military ground vehicles with increased range and safety. What developments are happening on this front?