• As described by a written note left in their vehicle, the symptoms included “drives rough — jumpy — all the time, worse when wet.” They went on to describe them further by writing “does sometimes cut out when stopped. Not running on all cylinders. Spark plugs replaced 2 months ago — problem is worse.”
  • Do you rely on a seat-of-the-pants approach when troubleshooting noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) complaints?  Try using your scope instead!
  • Many OEMs are still using the MAF (Mass Airflow) sensor as their primary means of measuring the air entering the engine. Knowing how it does its job makes it easier to know when it isn’t doing its job.
  • The Prius is the leader in hybrid sales, and its design was revolutionary.
    John Kelly
  • In Part 11 of this series on ground circuits, we look at measuring ground side voltage.
    Ground Circuits
  • Have you ever heard the saying "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me?" or "Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy?" I had reason recently to have to use each saying while working on a 2004 Cadillac CTS (DM).
  • Connected cars are an integral part of our digital lifestyle, but is the data they generate secure?
    Tracy Martin
  • In Part 10 of this series on ground circuits, we look at establishing a good DMM ground.
    Ground Circuits
  • Refrigerant levels aren’t the only specification that is dropping. Lubricating oil specs are also on the decline, with several models using less than two ounces.
    Pete Meier
  • Here are a few examples and solutions to common and uncommon problems  to make diagnosis as straightforward as problem-free as possible.
    Motor Age Magazine
  • What do you do when there is no As Built data published for the vehicle? Jaime Lazarus leads you through this reprogramming nightmare and shares his successful conclusion.
  • This Ford pickup had been around from shop to shop, even making appearances at a local dealership. The initial complaint seemed simple enough: no start, no communication and no odometer. Then why did the dealer technician toss his hands up in surrender after a month and a half without a solution? It's all about a testing method we've preached about before - voltage drop!
  • This article will take a look at some electrical system “basics” and explain how that information can transfer to high voltage system understanding and diagnostics.
    Jeff Minter
  • In electrical system design, testing and evaluation of operating conditions there are two circuit parameters of utmost importance to consider - voltage and electron current.
    Ground Circuits
  • A tale of an ailing F250 as told by a gas guy. Can you relate?
    Mike Reynolds
  • The current clamp is used to measure the electron current in one wire at a time, the preferred method, but it can also be used to measure more than one wire at a time provided the direction of electron current in each wire is known.
    ground circuits
  • If you don't know what you should see on a voltmeter — before you hook it up to the circuit — there's no point in taking the meter out of your toolbox   
    Jeff Minter
  • Diesel engine oil has been taken to a higher level of performance with the development of new American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications known as API CK-4 and FA-4, which were officially released for licensing on Dec. 1, 2016.
  • We use wiring diagrams in many of our diagnostics, but if we are not careful, they can sometimes lead us to make decisions that are not accurate, which can lead to wasted diagnostic time, unnecessary parts costs for the replacing parts that are not defective, and sometimes even missing a simple repair.
  • With advanced electric power steering technologies, it has become critical to understand that power steering is not simply driver operated.
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