• As we discuss the 10 modes of OBDII, keep in mind that the OBDII system is designed as an emissions program and not a diagnostic system.
  • Forced induction – it’s about numbers. Numbers matter. Ask your accountant. Ask your customer. Ask an engine builder. One number an engine builder loves is the one for an engine’s volumetric efficiency, or VE.
    dave hobbs
  •   The technology exists to make driving safer. Here's what you might be working on.
    Pete Meier
  • All three types of monitors keep an eye on engine systems and functions that could result in severe catalytic converter damage if a problem arises. For now, let’s focus on the fuel system monitor.
  •   Dealing with faults in the high voltage (HV) systems isn’t hard, but you do need to be aware of the dangers involved.
  • In order for the engine to run, accurate calculations have to be made from reliable inputs, and we’re here to talk about the most important input on most of today’s cars.
  •   Many of today’s service fixes are accomplished exclusively with software updates simply meaning that if you don’t do module programming – you don’t fix the vehicle, period.
    dave hobbs
  • This boils misfire diagnosis down to only three things: fuel quality, compression and fuel injection.
  • Google “gasoline direct injection problems,” and it won’t take you long to see that many early adopters of this technology faced issues with severe carbon buildup occurring on the stem and throat of the intake valve.
    Pete Meier