• For over 17 years Toyota has led the way in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) technology. With the introduction of the 2018 Prius, the fourth generation of Toyota hybrids is here.
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  • Still on the fence about the practicality of a DSO? From basic system testing to finding that intermittent, the scope could be the most practical tool in your toolbox.
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  • So, what damages the cat? Well, engine misfires can lead to overheating and potential meltdown of the substrate. It can be contaminated by silicone sealants (or liquid spray), coolant leaks into the combustion chamber that coat the strata, excessive oil steam blow, and more
  • A 2013 Audi A4 came in with a complaint of low power along with an illuminated Check Engine light that we were asked to diagnose.
  • During NACE Automechanika 2017 Eric Ziegler in his class, “Essential Diagnostics - The Steps You Need To Take In Tackling Every Drivability and Electrical Concern,” outlined his thoughts on what makes a good diagnostic process – a process that can be applied to any troubleshooting challenge you face.
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  • This article will describe some of my recent experiences with Asian vehicles, and what I did to diagnosis and repair them. Let’s start out with a 2009 Subaru Forester 2.5 DOHC turbo that came in with a complaint of low power.
  • OBD ports were designed for diagnostics, not continued use with telematics units. What options are currently available in the aftermarket and how could using these potentially cause unanticipated concerns?
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  • The basics of fuel trim have not changed. The way it is reported and many of the strategies that are used have changed — and all of these changes have been for the better.
  • Eric Ziegler with The Driveability Guys will be teaching two sessions at the NACE Automechanika training event in Chicago, July 26-29.
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  • I always try to have a logical approach to diagnostics whenever I am working on something that I have very little firsthand knowledge or experience in working on. I am always harkened back to elementary school science class, when I was first introduced to the Scientific Method.
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  • Even though newer vehicles can be complicated to diagnose and repair (and very expensive to misdiagnose) it’s still very possible—and often profitable—to do the work yourself rather than send it along to the dealership to be fixed.
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  • When a Ford diesel pickup with a drivability problem rolls into your shop, do you have reservations about tackling the job?
  • Participants of NGK’s first CASE-certified training showed a 43% increase in knowledge of course objectives.
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  • Many of the hybrid vehicles I have worked on do not average anywhere near the suggested EPA ratings. One such example is a 2008 Toyota Prius that only averages 30.5 when it should be averaging about 46 mpg.
  • Do what's right because it's the right thing to do.
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  • Let’s see what some of the experts in the spark plug segment have to say about the proper service of this common component.
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  • We will explore catalytic converter issues and testing for a wide range of vehicles. In order to do this, we will break down diagnosis into two parts: pre-OBD II vehicles and OBD II compliant vehicles.
  • This month we'll explore a variety of challenges Asian models have brought to our door, including a 2010 Honda Odyssey, a 2003 Toyota Prius, a 2012 Hyundai Elantra, and a 2005 Subaru Forester.
  • If you’ve mastered the latest SFI / MPI low pressure return-less fuel systems but have not yet become comfortable with the latest high pressure GDI systems you are going to definitely want to continue on reading about the revolutionary fuel system that’s here to stay.
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  • Who would have ever thought that removing the sparkplug from the cylinder and installing a pressure transducer in its place would have such a game changing effect?