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Tips and tricks for ASE certification test taking

Friday, October 5, 2018 - 07:00
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As you go through the test, another question might give you a different point of view and possible answers to difficult questions you struggled with. When you’ve reached the end of the test, you can go back to the questions you marked and reconsider your original answers. But be careful. Many times, your intuition on choosing an answer on the first pass is correct. My experience is that many test takers that go back and second guess themselves and turn correct answers into wrong ones. 

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Answer every question! You have a one in four chances to get the right answer. Not answering gives you zero chances. Even if you don’t know the correct answer, you may be able to eliminate some of the other answers, further increasing your chance of guessing right. Therefore, I say to always answer the questions you want to come back to in case you don’t have the time, or just plain forget to.

Studying & preparation

Online tests are limited, but I still recommend finding and doing as many as you can. Purchasing study guides is also well worth the investment. Purchasing the current guides is best. Trying to save money and buying older versions may not completely prepare you for the test. Also, keeping the new study guides in great shape will let you sell them after you pass the test helping to defray their costs.

To study, take a practice test and grade yourself; then read the given explanations for both the right and wrong answers. This not only further prepares you for the test questions, but makes you study the material at the same time. Don’t forget to look over the Task List given for each test. Identify the tasks that you may not be so familiar with and focus more time on studying and learning them.

The L1 Advanced Engine Performance Specialist Test comes with a booklet that represents a Composite Vehicle (available in print or online.) The Composite Vehicle exists so that all persons taking the L1 test are on a level playing field since OEM specific systems and sensors are eliminated. You do need to be familiar with the information provided about the Composite Vehicle and, just as importantly, where specific information is in the book. Knowing the booklet will save you time during the test. Spending less time searching for the location of the information in the booklet saves time for answering the questions.

This is my system for preparing for my ASE recertification tests. It works for me. Take what you want from it and add your own methods and ideas that work for you. Then practice and study even though you may work in the field every day. Go back to the basics because they will help too. Read the questions completely and carefully. Relax.

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