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Tips and tricks for ASE certification test taking

Friday, October 5, 2018 - 07:00
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True or False:

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Another type of question is the Technician A or B questions. These are basically “True or False” questions. Read each technician’s take on the issue listed. Decide if they are either true or false, then choose the correct answer based on the tech’s opinions.

The starter in a vehicle cranks slower than expected. The battery tests good so the circuit is suspect.  Who is suggesting the better way to check the circuit?

Technician A says that a resistance reading should be taken of the circuit.

Technician B says that a voltage drop test should be performed on the circuit.

Who is right?

  1. A only
  2. B only
  3. Both A and B
  4. Neither A nor B

Technician A’s statement is False. Technician B’s statement is true which means that (B) only is correct. To help keep track of each tech’s answer, you can use the provided scrap paper and have a “A – B” column as you look at each tech putting a T or F next to the tech letter. This way, you don’t have to remember it, and you can focus on answering the question.

Except and Least Likely:

“Except and Least Likely” types of questions are our next format to look at. Before each one, you will see the explanation reminding you how to look at these questions based on whether it is an Except question or Least Likely question. On the example below, I would think, “No refrigerant is a likely cause. The thermostat stuck open is the least likely cause.”

This question uses the words LEAST LIKELY. Look for the choice that could NOT or would be LEAST LIKELY to cause the described situation. Read the entire question carefully before choosing your answer.

Air conditioning is turned on but the air coming from the vents is not getting cooled. Which of these is the LEAST LIKELY cause?

  1. No refrigerant
  2. Clutch Relay Failure
  3. Thermostat Stuck Wide Open
  4. Blown Fuse

“Thermostat Stuck Wide Open is the LEAST LIKELY cause of this symptom,” I say in my head, then select the answer. I will go back and be sure that I answered the actual question being asked.

The Lesson

Taking the time to go over these questions from practice tests helps build your test-taking stamina. You get into a rhythm and build a system to approach each question. This helps take what I call the “Test Stress” out of the equation. You get to focus on the actual information you are being tested on, not the form of testing.

Consider only the provided answers to each question. Do not compare it to something you may have seen in the field, especially if no answers match your experience. Choose the best answer.

Eliminate the answers that you know are incorrect and focus only on the ones you feel apply. Reread the question and look at the remaining answers. Do not spend too much time on any one question. Do choose the best answer you have at this time, mark the question number on the screen to return to it when you have completed the test.

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