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2019 will be an exciting year for auto repair training opportunities

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 - 08:00
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Motor Age is the nation's oldest automotive trade publication and the mission of "advancing the automotive service professional" is one that I've tried to keep foremost in mind as I perform the role of technical editor. In the last eight years, I've been fortunate enough to recruit some of the best trainers and technicians in the nation as contributors and I'm proud to announce the addition of yet one more — Scott "Gonzo" Weaver.

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Motor Age is proud to welcome Scott "Gonzo" Weaver as its newest contributor. Look for Gonzo's debut article in this month's issue.

Many of you may already know Gonzo. He's an ASE Master Technician and owned his own repair shop, Superior Auto Electric, for over 30 years before selling and semi-retiring in 2017. He has written articles for other industry publications and is the author of "Hey Look, I Found The Loose Nut!", a humorous collection of stories based on his experiences as a tech and shop owner. We hope you'll enjoy his debut feature, “The ABCs of electrical diagnostics,” in this month's issue!

Bringing you training opportunities like never before!

Eight years ago, I started the Motor Age YouTube channel and began producing monthly technical features you may know as "The Trainer" video series. To date, there are over 80 videos in that playlist alone. As of this writing, the channel itself has over 300 titles and nearly 30,000 of you have subscribed so you'll be the first to know when new content is added. (If you haven't subscribed yet, why don't you do that now by logging on to our channel at

The main reason I became involved with YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms was simple. I wanted to reach out to the nearly 3/4 million technicians this country employs in a way that would complement the print issue, and make those same resources available to as many of you as I could. Having wrenched for over 35 years, I understand how tough our business can be and how hard it can be to get the training and technical information you need to deal with the latest systems and technologies.

A natural outgrowth of that effort was the partnership we formed with Technicians Service Training, better known simply as TST, and their president G. Jerry Truglia. G. has been active in aftermarket training since the early days of OBD and OBD II and is still among the top trainers in the country. Together, we've been hosting "live" webinars four times a year, bringing you technical training in a format that is still unique in the industry. We'll be hosting our first for this year about the same time you're reading this column with three more on the schedule for 2019.

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And we both appreciate the support you've shown for these efforts. You've shared with us how useful these webinars have been for you at events we've attended all across the country. Many of you asked us for more such opportunities and, together, we've found a way to do just that!

For 2019, Motor Age has expanded on its relationship with TST. You may already know that TST hosts an annual training every year called the "TST Big Event" — an event that has grown substantially over the last few years and will be hosted again next month, March 30, at the Westchester Marriott in Tarrytown, New York. The Saturday event will feature back-to-back presentations by Kris Lewis, John Anello and John Thornton. It may be sold out by the time you read this but you can always check for open slots by logging on to

What you may not know is that TST is also known for the live training events it hosts for its area members in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. About six times a year, TST brings in nationally recognized trainers to present to their local membership. The fourth and final stop is in New York and is also simulcast online for those members who are unable to attend in person. Keep in mind that these are not scaled down versions of the classes these instructors present at the major events! It's the same material with the same ability to interact and ask questions. It's the next best thing to being there!

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