Underhood service

  • I often see the Nissan Murano, not because it is prone to problems but because it is a popular and reliable vehicle. Here are a few of the more interesting ones I’ve run into.
  • I'm bringing up the typical car battery because I want to talk about the relationship of batteries and cooling systems. What's that? You say you're not aware of any relationship between the two? Maybe that’s because you weren’t told why it can exist.
  • Sometimes the electrical world is strange and does not work the way one thinks it should. There are many different ways in which to use electric sensing to measure the physical world.
  • Depending on the year, make and model, a vehicle’s Engine Control Module (ECM) can’t always set trouble codes for mechanical engine problems.
    Tracy Martin
  • A 2010 Ford F150 with more than 177,000 miles on its clock came in with the check engine light illuminated due to a P2096 (Post Catalyst Fuel Trim System Too Lean) DTC.
  • Perhaps one of the toughest jobs in the automotive field is diagnosing small leaks, especially A/C and Fuel Vapor (EVAP) leaks. Finding these leaks can be time consuming and frustrating to say the least.
  • Continental is recommending to professional technicians the importance of changing underhood belts with all-inclusive kit products rather than individual components – especially before fall and winter arrive
  • All those vehicles on the road that still use timing belts need experts like you to be ready to replace them. Here’s how to avoid common problems and keep the job profitable – no matter what you’re working on.
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