• ETE REMAN, the largest aftermarket automatic transmission remanufacturer in the United States, announces the acquisition of ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group), the leader in automatic transmission technical support and training.
  • A new spacer plate is available for the 6L80 series transmission due to an 8th ball being added to the upper valve body
  • A registered professional engineer by training, Jim Dietvorst had a rewarding career as a design engineer. Working for major engineering firms, he designed a wide variety of items, ranging from pumps and turbines to medical equipment. He made it to the ranks of upper management.
  • During an overhaul of a U140E transmission, it was determined that the original valve body needed replacement. After installation the vehicle had no reverse engagement unless the selector lever was moved around.
  • The owner of one of the top-performing shops in the nationwide chain of Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care centers, Ken spent more than 20 years earlier in his career turning around underperforming stores at one of the nation’s largest big box stores and a leading drugstore chain.
  • Through many years of experience diagnosing transmission concerns in shops and on ATSG’s technical help line, a general diagnostic approach has been developed to find that silver bullet as quickly as possible. The list begins with Information. 
  • When Don Lenartz took over the Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care franchise here in April, 2005, it was a struggling business. Lenartz, who had been a fleet manager for a major baked goods company for 25 years, had never run his own business. 
  • GM’s 4T80-E transmission primarily used in Cadillac vehicles along with the Aurora, Bonneville and Lucerne vehicles, develop left side axle seal leaks (figure 1).