Technical training

  • Lincoln Electric introduces new GTAW (TIG) cut lengths, offered in high silicon formulations in three common stainless steel alloys.
    Lincoln Electric
  • ZF Aftermarket embarked on its first fully immersed Spanish training week in Puerto Rico. The technical training team spent time in the Spanish region visiting workshops and educational centers teaching the technology and innovation behind ZF products.
  • Through its renowned Welding School and Technical Training department, Lincoln Electric will offer a diverse selection of educational programming at its Cleveland headquarters throughout 2016. 
  • Plastic repair products are not just for bumper covers. Plastic repair products can be used for repairing any plastic part in a vehicle; however there are several important aspects to know when using plastic repair products, such as the plastic composition of the part, how to make the best repair, and how to work with the product supplier.
    Douglas Craig
  • To bring understanding to wheel materials, design and performance, WELD will present a free technical seminar on “Modern Wheel Design and Process” during the 2015 PRI Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. 
  • Inevitably there is a "F.R.E.D." (Frustrating Ridiculous Electronic Device) controlling the overly complex system making everything even more intimidating. With throttle-by-wire being the standard system for several years, we've gotten over the butterflies on that system, but the feeling still exists for many techs when it comes to brake-by-wire systems.
    dave hobbs
  • The classes expand DENSO's Technical Training Program, which is developed to ensure technicians have the diagnostic and trouble-shooting expertise to repair vehicles efficiently and correctly the first time. 
  • The Automotive Service Association (ASA) has announced a new initiative designed to bring management and technical training to several regions of the United States in 2016.