Shop management

  • Find the right accounting or bookkeeping help to meet your needs, and check their work to ensure they are doing what they should.
  • The Automotive Management Institute (AMI) recently honored its 20th class of Accredited Automotive Managers (AAMs). The graduating class of 2014 includes 68 automotive service and repair professionals who earned the AAM designation by completing AMI courses and accumulating a minimum of 120 credits.
    Automotive Management Institute, AMI
  • We have income for the parts sold and a cost for the parts purchased, but when looking at parts margins as a KPI, we often wonder why there is a fluctuation in the parts gross profit margin.
  • Genuinely focusing on the environment has been good for our business by helping us save money and build a positive company culture.
  • What do our customers really expect when they come into your shop? If you don't know, you can’t exceed those expectations.
  • If you are a DRP shop that waits for an insurer to tell you how you did last month or last quarter, you will get passed up by those taking a more proactive approach.
  • BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY has powered mobile technology aimed at making it easier for new and returning auto repair shop customers to check in for vehicle repairs, or scheduled services.
    bolt on technology
  • Kukui Corporation, a developer of marketing software solutions for the automotive repair industry, has added a new tire module to its success platform. The tire module will enable Kukui clients who sell tires, to market their products and services online.