Shop management

  • So much of our life is framed by our assumptions about the world around us, assumptions that flow out of our experience and awareness.
  • Generation Y is the fastest growing segment of the workforce. As one panelist put it, they’re bringing some more life and energy to today’s shop and industry as a whole.
    Tschanen Brandyberry
  • Have you ever noticed how it's never a 'big deal' when whatever it is that's happening around you really doesn't have anything to do with you?
  • This last year has been a rollercoaster ride for the automotive industry.
  • The recent storm that ripped through several Midwest and East Coast states gave me a new perspective because I became one of the forlorn observers and survivors.
  • It seemed straightforward enough: a late model, relatively high mileage Toyota truck with a significant shudder on steady, light acceleration, generally at speed. Then the "old guy" got involved.