Shop management

  • MSOs need to find a balance between the reports and data to focus on for business success, and those that are wasting time.
  • As authority shifts from local to national levels, the opportunity to maintain personal working relationships is diminishing.
  • ABRN asked collision repair businesses using social media effectively to share some of their tips for social media marketing.
  • Collision shops are held to a high standard when it comes to time and quality. How fast can we get a car completed without sacrificing quality?
  • A way to develop company culture (and integrate new employees) is through a monthly newsletter.
  • Take some control over the high cost of medical benefits.
  • But for the vast majority of shop owners, getting that right man or woman often can be a lifelong quest that far too often leaves us frustrated by having the wrong person doing the wrong things.
  • Employees know what’s expected of them in their job, and of course they know what’s good enough, right? How many times have you thought, “You’re a professional, you should know what the job is, just do it!”
    Chris Frederick