Repair shop marketing

  • Tim Ross, president of Mudlick Mail, recently spoke to Motor Age about marketing in general and how to make sure employees are in the loop.
    Tschanen Brandyberry
  • Educational Seminars Institute (ESi) will host its second annual Mega Marketing Symposium.
  • Remarkable marketing is the real key to getting more cars to your shop. Competition for your customers’ attention is at an all-time high.
    Chris Frederick
  • With National Car Care Month in April on the horizon, the Car Care Council urges shops, stores and other industry organizations planning community car care events to register their upcoming events.
  • Our improving circumstance will only matter to our customers if we can get the word out and only if it reaches our customers where they live.
  • Demand for Mudlick Mail’s strategically targeted direct mail campaigns remained strong in 2012, with the company posting a 37 percent increase in revenue last year.
  • Though marketing options out there are boundless with ever increasing numbers of smart, capable and relevant players vying for your business, marketing remains a big challenge for most of us in the tire and automotive repair worlds.
  • You’ve probably heard of the Tao of Pooh, The Way of the Dragon and even The Secret.  Now make way for The Value of the Oil Change