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  • The first step to diagnosing any parasitic draw starts with what’s being drawn down to begin with — the battery. I think more than any other component, the battery is the most overlooked item when it comes to testing for a parasitic drain.
  • In Waukesha, Wisconsin, Jerry's Automotive Service keeps customers coming back with outstanding service.
    Robert Bravender
  • As technology marches on, sometimes we need quicker and more accurate ways of finding problems. At times, a simple picture could be the answer. 
  • Sometimes vehicle owners don’t understand the importance of engine oil and only look at price when they need their oil changed. I am sure we have all come across a customer who has purchased or worse yet leased a vehicle that they really can’t afford. This vehicle owner is always looking for a bargain that in the long run will get them into trouble. 
  • Whenever somebody wants us to apply our expertise to give them peace of mind, it would be nice if we were able to offer a 100 percent guarantee, but no matter how good we think we are, time and chance can always get the upper hand. 
  • When the MIL keeps coming back.
  • Gathering data and sorting it out requires a sharp-minded clear thinker, and everybody who’s in the know will agree that a really good troubleshooter in our field needs to be just a bit smarter than the average bear on a number of levels.
  • There are times when we exhaust every resource and troubleshooting trick and hit a dead end, after which we have to back up and re-think the problem.