Motor Age Garage

  • Many people have never seen a Delorean in "the flesh," though most have at least seen the Michael J. Fox "Back to the Future" films.
  • I had a two-week break from teaching last summer and decided to spend some of that time back at the Ford dealership.
  • Technicians, with experience, become diagnosticians. That is, they learn to listen to the complaint, test various systems on the vehicle and most often, trace the problem to a single cause.
  • When our dispatcher went shopping for the car of his dreams, he bought his wife a gorgeous 1998 Continental at the Lincoln-Mercury dealer. It was in perfect condition, the test-drive went well, and he plunked down the cash.
  • If you've been reading my articles, you'll know that I recently took a teaching job at a local technical college.
  • Twenty years ago, I worked as a shop foreman in the maintenance department of an offshore service company in Southeast Texas. One day, Brian, a fellow in my department, was at the company airfield doing a routine oil change on a Kubota tractor when h