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  • Just about every experienced technician on the planet who has been around during the past 20 years would like to have a dollar for every oxygen sensor he or she has replaced.
  • Sometimes in life, people make things harder than they have to be. There's always someone who goes around making mountains out of molehills. Then again, there are those times when that molehill is a little hard to climb.
  • My friend had owned and enjoyed the clean little two-seater for more than a decade, and even had the engine replaced a couple of years ago because of an overheating problem that had spiraled out of control on a long trip. But recently,
  • Many people have never seen a Delorean in "the flesh," though most have at least seen the Michael J. Fox "Back to the Future" films.
  • I had a two-week break from teaching last summer and decided to spend some of that time back at the Ford dealership.
  • Technicians, with experience, become diagnosticians. That is, they learn to listen to the complaint, test various systems on the vehicle and most often, trace the problem to a single cause.
  • When our dispatcher went shopping for the car of his dreams, he bought his wife a gorgeous 1998 Continental at the Lincoln-Mercury dealer. It was in perfect condition, the test-drive went well, and he plunked down the cash.
  • If you've been reading my articles, you'll know that I recently took a teaching job at a local technical college.