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  • I was recently called into a mechanical repair shop because a vehicle's battery was unintentionally discharging so quickly that the vehicle would not restart if it sat overnight without a charger.
  • When working on a friend’s car, I don’t want to let them down. It is a lot of pressure to ensure my diagnosis is accurate the first time!
    Timothy Jones
  • You will never forget the tough diagnostic dilemmas, whether won or lost. Let me share a few of my most memorable with you.
  • There was a local repair shop that had an oil change go wrong on a 2011 Kia Optima with a 2.4 L engine (Figure 1). The shop mechanic had an easy task of simply replacing the oil filter and removing and reinstalling a drain plug to drain and refill the engine with oil. The oil filter was installed properly and the correct oil type and quantity was put in the engine but the drain plug was never secu
    John Anello
  • I had (have) been writing for Motor Age since May 2000, and so, when I submitted my application for the college instructor’s job in December of that year, I included copies of Motor Age that featured my articles, and to this day, I believe my position as a contributing editor for this magazine was one of the determining factors in landing the job that a whole lot of other guys had applied fo
  • No one person can be expert in every area of automotive repair. Expand your skill set through networking!
    Brandon Steckler
  • I think we have all been in the situation as a shop owner, mechanic, technician, handy man or whatever you like to be called where we are approached by a family member or a close friend because they know one thing. They know you can “fix things.”
    Eric Obrachta
  • A friend of mine brought his son’s 2006 Jeep Commander, 4.7L V8 with a 5-45RFE transmission and 187,854 miles on the odometer, telling me he believed water was making its way into the #8 cylinder, because the vehicle had overheated a few times and now it was misfiring on that one.