Global aftermarket

  • American exhibitors and attendees seeking a presence at Turkey’s April 7-10 Automechanika Istanbul exposition are being offered assistance from the U.S. Commercial Service, which is eager to ease access to the nation’s rapidly expanding aftermarket opportunities.
    James E. Guyette
  • In tracking the 10-year global regional growth from 2004-2014 of passenger vehicles in operation (VIO), the Asia region took the top spot with growth of 9 percent from 2004 to 2014, according to the 2016 World Motor Vehicle Market Report. 
    Ben Brucato
  • Dayco announced the opening of its new sales office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Officially opened in October 2015, the office is expected to generate new business in the region and support current aftermarket business partners.
  • TecAlliance GmbH, a leading provider of information systems and software in the global automotive aftermarket based in Ismaning, Germany, and Headline Holding BV, announced that Headline will be integrated into TecAlliance as a new division.
  • Understanding the politics and economic cycle is important to develop selling strategies and to manage risk in this volatile market. Automotive aftermarket exporters have many opportunities in Argentina, but it would be wise to proceed with caution.
  • As the CEO and co-founder of Local Motors, John B. “Jay” Rogers Jr. is exploring direct digital manufacturing (DDM), which utilizes 3D printing to create “open source” vehicles cooperatively designed by the company’s membership community of car enthusiasts and industry professionals.
    John B. Rogers Jr.
  • U.S. Department of Commerce released the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Opportunities for the U.S. Automotive Sector Report. The report details how the elimination of various tariffs and other TPP commitments to level the playing field will benefit American companies competing in TPP markets.
  • Local Motors in Arizona is creating cars via a three dimensional (3D) computer printer and developing a series of cooperative community-based automotive microfactories aimed at putting into motion new technologies on a global scale.