Electric vehicles

  • Despite a tumultuous year for the automotive industry, manufacturers have continued to offer exciting technology options for a growing vehicle market. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released its 19th annual comprehensive environmental ratings for vehicles.
  • For example, we’ve heard about the promise of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids taking over for the past couple of decades. In reality, in Q2 2015, EVs and hybrids accounted for just 1.5 percent market share of vehicles on the road.
  • Johnson Controls said today it is exploring strategic options for the separation of its automotive business.
  • UPS has one of the largest private fleets of compressed natural gas vehicles in the U.S., with more than 1,100 CNG package delivery vehicles on the road. The company recently announced that it is increasing its CNG fleet by 1,400 units, which is a 30 percent increase of UPS’ entire fleet of 5,088 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.
    Mike Casteel
  • As the aftermarket starts plugging into the prospect of repairing plug-in electric vehicles that currently remain mostly within the domain of car dealership service centers, opportunities are also arising for installing and maintaining the vast array of charging stations necessary to ease “range anxiety” and further spark PEV sales.
    James E. Guyette
  • Commercial fleet operators are increasingly confirming that lean and green work trucks running on alternative fuel systems are proving to be more-than-capable of taking on the meanest and most rugged of jobs while promoting environmental sustainability.
    James E. Guyette
  • Powertrain Integration specializes in engineering alternative fueling systems for numerous types of propulsion technologies ranging from hybrid sports cars to propane-powered trucks and uparmored military battlewagons.
    Brad Shantry
  • There are positive signs of growth for electric vehicles and hybrids. According to Experian Automotive's recent analysis, electric vehicles grew their sales by 245 percent in 2013, while hybrids grew by 19 percent.
    Melinda Zabritski