Commitment to Training

  • The major objectives of the aftermarket catalog exchange standard (ACES) were to eliminate the need for paper catalogs and to get updates and new applications distributed faster and at lower cost. Job well done – sort of.
    Scott Luckett
  • Look at these tips to confidently choose and use these materials for vehicle repairs and reduce noise, vibration, and harshness
    Douglas Craig
  • OptiCat, in conjunction with TecAlliance, announces the availability of a new, Global Vehicle Table (GVT), that provides detailed information on over 60 vehicle attributes, or ”vehicle criterion”, for over 140 countries around the globe.
  • Think of the challenges techs face who are responsible for the service and maintenance of fleets operating in extreme conditions year-round — like a mining company operating near the Arctic Circle!
    Motor Age Magazine
  • The intermittent nature of terminal connection problems make them extremely hard to diagnose since they often occur so fast and also so randomly. One technique is use an oscilloscope to help pick out quick glitches in a circuit that would be hard to locate with other testing methods.
  • As described by a written note left in their vehicle, the symptoms included “drives rough — jumpy — all the time, worse when wet.” They went on to describe them further by writing “does sometimes cut out when stopped. Not running on all cylinders. Spark plugs replaced 2 months ago — problem is worse.”
  • Ever increasingly complex electronics are changing the aftermarket repair landscape. If you aren’t comfortable with electrical troubleshooting techniques, you need to get comfortable – and soon.
    Pete Meier
  • Performing this vital maintenance service is about more than draining the crankcase and replacing a filter.