Commitment to Training

  • Repairability isn’t just about the design and engineering of a vehicle; it also depends on how the information is provided to repairers.
    Jody Hall
  • Monitoring paint material costs can be tricky. Not only are there a lot of variables, but contrary to popular belief the most profitable painter is not always the one that is using less material.
  • Cooling systems! Could there be a more boring topic? That is exactly what I would be thinking if I were reading this article right now, but I would be wrong. Hybrid and electric vehicle cooling systems are anything but boring. They will challenge you, frustrate you and make you yearn for the good old days before all of this started. Unless you have had no internet access, you have probably read th
    John Kelly
  • While A/C system service is fundamentally unchanged, changes in technologies and system designs require you pay more attention to the details.
    Pete Meier
  • I had (have) been writing for Motor Age since May 2000, and so, when I submitted my application for the college instructor’s job in December of that year, I included copies of Motor Age that featured my articles, and to this day, I believe my position as a contributing editor for this magazine was one of the determining factors in landing the job that a whole lot of other guys had applied fo
  • One of the issues with matching problems is that they can be easily overlooked or the fault for their negative consequences is placed elsewhere.
  • It’s now more important than ever for shop owners and their technicians to understand the structural design and construction of the vehicles they’re repairing.
    Mike Croker
  • Not keeping safety top of mind makes injury that much more likely