Commitment to Training

  • Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, retailer or repairer, your aftermarket business can benefit by analyzing your company’s culture. Does your workforce aim to go the extra mile or to cut corners? Or does it fall somewhere in between?
    James E. Guyette
  • Jeff Peevy, President of the Automotive Management Institute, discusses the important rule that knowledge and learning plays in your shop's future and why a learning culture is so important.
  • At California’s Gustafson Brothers Inc. they describe themselves as an all-inclusive vehicle repair operation, serving Orange County’s motorists by providing a vast array of body shop and mechanical services along with hosting professional continuing education classes for repair technicians, insurance personnel and smog abatement testing technicians.
    James E. Guyette
  • I-CAR has announced that it will launch three new courses in the first quarter of 2016: MIG brazing, rivet bonding, and Honda & Acura electrical system repair.
  • Garage Gurus will offer an expanded curriculum, additional training center locations, attractive technician incentives and several other program enhancements beginning in January 2016. 
    Garage Gurus
  • ABRN conducted an interview with Jeff Peevy, the new president of AMi, to discuss AMi's initiatives for 2016 and beyond and the importance of having a learning culture within your repair shop.
    Chelsea Frey
  • When our focus is on the people on our team, their behavior, how they interact with each other and the effectiveness of the communication between them, our focus should not be on fixing anything.
    Mike Jones
  • Establishing a successful presence at industry conventions and conferences often calls for mobilizing a significant number of employees and expertise to assist in preparing for the event.
    James E. Guyette