Automotive diagnostics

  • The MIL has been on for some time now on my 1999 Ford Ranger. The 3.0 liter V6 bucks and runs horribly for the first few minutes of operation, then settles down and runs fine until the next overnight soak.
    Pete Meier
  • OTC announced recently its Diagnostics for Life program and new Bravo 2.0 software in North America for the Encore diagnostic tool.
    Bosch, OTC, Diagnostics for Life
  • He explained how techs can use enhanced inspection techniques to eliminate unscheduled visits, which also helps restore customer confidence in their cars and their shop.
  • Changes in modern lubrication standards and the need for specialized lubricants that meet those needs have changed the dynamics of what used to be a one-size-fits-all (or nearly all) situation.
  • Luban’s class took a deep dive into the problems that exist with medium to heavy duty trucks equipped with Allison 1000/2000 and Aisin six-speed transmissions.
  • Transmission malfunctions can be caused by a variety reasons, both inside the transmission and out, according to Wayne Colonna, who presented “Transmission and Drivability Diagnostics” at Automechanika Chicago.
  • Since we are concerned with today’s software reprogramming issues, we will discuss the generic J2534 unit and how and why to use it.
  • In order to master a scan tool, you need to understand that there is much more to it than reading codes — it’s the ability of interpreting the Parameter Identifier (PID) data displayed on the screen.