Automotive diagnostics

  • Sometimes vehicle owners don’t understand the importance of engine oil and only look at price when they need their oil changed. I am sure we have all come across a customer who has purchased or worse yet leased a vehicle that they really can’t afford. This vehicle owner is always looking for a bargain that in the long run will get them into trouble. 
  • This article’s purpose is to look at the different causes of misfires and how to identify or eliminate the potential causes to come to an accurate diagnosis. I believe a solid plan of action (POA) is required to stay on task and avoid wasting time and money by missing the misfire.
    Eric Zeigler
  • The classes expand DENSO's Technical Training Program, which is developed to ensure technicians have the diagnostic and trouble-shooting expertise to repair vehicles efficiently and correctly the first time. 
  • As more technology companies develop connected vehicle applications, the OBD-II port has become a critical part of a rapidly growing tech market.
    Brian Albright
  • he AAE epsTECH is an innovative, portable testing tool for diagnostic analysis of Electronic Power Steering Systems, including Electronic Power Steering (EPS) racks, steering columns, and Electronic Hydraulic Power Steering (EHPS) pumps. 
  • The added European coverage available in the new Software Upgrade 15.4 puts even more power in the technician’s hands to increase repair opportunities and keep even the toughest European repair jobs in-house.
  • Automotive instructors are invited to participate in this year’s Inside AAPEX program that will highlight the latest technology and show its impact on diagnosing, servicing and repairing today’s high tech vehicles.
  • The new VERUS Edge from Snap-on comes fully loaded with more vehicle coverage, expert resources and industry knowledge than any other full-featured diagnostic platform on the market.