Automotive diagnostics

  • If you’re planning on continuing to repair late-model collision damaged vehicles, you’re going to have be prepared to deal with some level of diagnostics; and those that are best prepared will likely have the most success.
  • As a mobile diagnostic technician, I’m going to highlight a couple of case studies that I solved using a diagnostic approach that works for me. You might find that these methods will work for you, or you might find that your own diagnostic approach could be completely different.
  • The basics of fuel trim have not changed. The way it is reported and many of the strategies that are used have changed — and all of these changes have been for the better.
  • I always try to have a logical approach to diagnostics whenever I am working on something that I have very little firsthand knowledge or experience in working on. I am always harkened back to elementary school science class, when I was first introduced to the Scientific Method.
    Eric Zeigler
  • Having an understanding of how the network is laid out and the protocol or protocols it communicates with are essential. A wiring diagram and a quick read of service information will usually provide a quick insight of the network’s layout and communication characteristics.
    Eric Zeigler
  • The Collision Industry Conference (CIC) Emerging Technologies Committee has invited all those interested to participate in the "Scanning & Diagnostics in Collision Repair Task Force".
  • The tool, powered by Bosch, will offer best-in-class vehicle coverage, continuously improving speed, performance and usability in order to meet the needs of technicians.
  • Available as a free in-app upgrade when using the GoTech device, the Smog Test allows users to identify incomplete powertrain system monitors on their vehicle which may indicate issues related to excessive emissions levels.