Automotive diagnostics

  • You connect a scope the same way you would connect a multimeter to test for voltage. The difference is rather than looking at voltage numbers you are looking at a waveform.  
  • The first story shares a lesson on not getting caught with your pants down, the other is a tale of a BMW clutch gone sour, and the third? Well, the third is just for your enjoyment! 
  • Snap-on announces it has added free VANTAGE Ultra Training Solutions modules to its website at 
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  • One of the most difficult things to diagnose in the automotive electronics world is electrical noise. There are more ways to cause noise, and noise is often classified as different things: distortion, interference, jamming, etc. Just to make it easier to talk about, we will just call it all noise. 
  • How do you begin to diagnose any problem today’s complex transmissions could throw at you? It might not be as hard as you think. 
  • New DTCs appearing after a repair is more common than you might think. The reasons why are several, but the most common are a failure to make sure all the OBDII test monitors are Ready, failure to address pending Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), and not investigating the cause of Mode $06 failed test results.
  • OTC has released its second major software update this year for the Genisys Touch and Encore diagnostic tools.
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  • This year CARS and NACE attendees will be able to interactively participate in scan tool demos with Snap-on Tools and General Motors.