Automatic transmission

  • The 6F50 and 6T70 transaxles were developed as a joint effort between Ford and General Motors. Because this was a joint effort, as you can imagine, many of the internal parts are very similar or almost identical but will not interchange.
  • When it comes to automotive repair, and in particular automatic transmission repair, being on the diagnosing and repairing end of this increased technology is an incredible challenge. 
  • How often does a car come to your bay with an automatic transmission shifting complaint that is not a transmission problem at all? 
  • When visiting WiWi’s Transmissions in Miami on a hot Saturday morning, there was a 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 with a 6.7L diesel and an AS68RC transmission in failsafe along with a serious delayed engagement into reverse. 
  • ATP Automotive launched a new website at, featuring a functional design that reflects the company’s new corporate identity.
    ATP Automotive
  • Transtar recently unveiled its new website,, redesigned and retooled with customers in mind.