Auto technicians

  • Whether the job is a simple oil change or a complicated electrical issue, Snap-on has the essential tools hard-working technicians can rely on.
  • A common mistake I see many shop owners and service managers make is building their business around the efforts of one of their technicians (often the one that has been with them the longest) while seeming to forget or be blind to the efforts of the other technicians on their staff.
  • Sometimes vehicle owners don’t understand the importance of engine oil and only look at price when they need their oil changed. I am sure we have all come across a customer who has purchased or worse yet leased a vehicle that they really can’t afford. This vehicle owner is always looking for a bargain that in the long run will get them into trouble. 
  • In this column, I intend to bring you new testing techniques, new repair procedures, a few war stories or just sage advice I learn from the collective whole as I continue my travels and interactions with you – our faithful readers. I am also inviting any one of you that have an interesting diagnostic story to share to submit it for inclusion in this column.
    Pete Meier
  • A new line of hydraulic flow meters, flow blocks and kits from OTC in North America features increased flow capacity and more accurate measurements for technicians. 
  • Oil consumption concerns along with extended service intervals present a challenge to independent repair facilities. Where is the oil going? What can be done about it? What service interval should be used?
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  • Automotive instructors are invited to participate in this year’s Inside AAPEX program that will highlight the latest technology and show its impact on diagnosing, servicing and repairing today’s high tech vehicles.
  • The AVI conference will take place Monday, Nov. 2 through Wednesday, Nov. 4, at the Venetian/Palazzo Congress Center Level 1, Galileo Rooms.