Auto shop management

  • Chris "Chubby" Frederick shares his tips for improving your managerial, marketing and number crunching skills in his new segment, "Chubby's Tip of the Week."
    Chris Frederick
  • Kukui Corporation, a developer of marketing software solutions for the automotive repair industry, has added a new tire module to its success platform. The tire module will enable Kukui clients who sell tires, to market their products and services online. 
  • I think it is safe to say we can blame these folks for most everything that goes wrong in our industry. Why not, they won’t read this. Seriously consider what uninformed people cost your business.
  • I hope by now you are asking yourself what you can do to keep your employees married to you for life. You can start by asking yourself if you are ready to accept the role of a true leader.
    Chris Frederick
  •  I’m suggesting the kind of change to allow the new hire, entry-level technician or youngest, least experienced team member to be the mentor.
    bill haas
  • Could there be a reason that our customers think it is easy to fix and service cars and trucks? Could it be the Internet is the source of all this misunderstanding? 
    Chris Frederick
  • I think everyone will agree the interview process is one of the more uncomfortable things we do as owners or managers.
    Chris Frederick