Auto shop management

  • The fact is most people find it very difficult to embrace an entire message, as they don’t feel comfortable with the change they will have to go through to see the message to fruition.  This is the real reason why it didn’t work for them. 
    Bob Greenwood
  • There is a growing shortage of younger technicians who want to get into automotive repair as a career. According to the Manpower Group, “Hardest to Fill Survey for 2013,” automotive mechanics (technicians) are among the hardest positions to fill in the U.S. 
  • Some want to develop a second in command so they can enjoy more free time in their life or prepare for retirement. This gives us the knowledge and skill to implement change; however, the one thing we have to have is your commitment. 
    Chris Frederick
  • John Crowder has a tendency to dive into things; he certainly took the bull by the horns upon entering the auto repair industry. One caveat -- he had a background in that in 1970 his father bought out Bradham Automotive, and Crowder was raised around this institution of Alexandria, Va.
    Robert Bravender
  • Identifix, Inc., an industry leader in vehicle diagnostics and repair for more than 25 years, will soon allow shop management system (SMS) providers to integrate Direct-Hit, Identifix’s award-winning online tool, within their systems. 
    Identifix, Direct-Hit
  • Most of us understand that if you are not growing, you are probably slowly going out of business. With costs increasing every year and our people wanting to grow, there is pressure on all shop owners to continue to grow their business.
    Chris Frederick
  • The technology that has challenged you…even threatened you…is another OEM-inspired and dealership-induced game called shop management.
  • The Leading Ladies 20 Group, part of the Automotive Training Institute (ATI), features women from around the country banding together to better their businesses and themselves.
    Tschanen Brandyberry