Auto shop management

  • Here is an easy way to show your employees that you care about them, and motivate them to operate at peak productivity.
    Bob Cooper
  • Retired superstar shop owner Kevin Vaught shares the rule that every shop owner in America needs to follow when it comes to disclosing needed repairs and services to their customers.
    Bob Cooper
  • From filing a claim to finding the right body shop, being in a collision can be extremely stressful. You can be a huge asset during this time by understanding your state’s laws and explaining to customers what their rights are when it comes to collision repair.
  • Millennials are critical to the future success of your auto repair business.
  • Elite Worldwide's Jen Monclus explains how a focused effort on under-promising and over-delivering will improve your shop's customer retention.
  • Some shops track external come-backs — when a customer returns with a problem with their repaired vehicle. But few shops have a good handle on internal come-backs and what they are costing the business.
    Mark Olson
  • It is inevitable though, despite your best efforts, planning and management, your shop will hit those brief periods where the schedule looks light and the fear of techs wandering around the shop with no cars in the bays looms ever larger.
    Chris Frederick
  • Always in search of that magic pill or the magic bean, we forget that the basic business concepts we learned when starting our businesses still have to be maintained, audited and adjusted as needed when needed.
    Keith Manich