Auto repair shop management

  • It’s time for your managers and you to build relationships with all your people and create trust so that they can accomplish their goals by working for you over decades, not just a few years.
    chris chubby frederick, ati
  • Measuring the entire shop as a team can help direct management to the necessary attention to certain processes that are failing.
    Bob Greenwood
  • Our industry is on the cusp of the information age, and these changes are ushering in new challenges for collision repairers. What is our best approach to these challenges? We must become agile.
    Lee Rush
  • While we can’t control how many techs are entering the industry or how many “hirable” techs are available in our given market, the one thing we can control is being proactive and putting ourselves in a position to do more with less by having good systems and policies in place.
    David Rogers
  • Consider that “office time” should be all about “How do I make our business better and more productive than what it is today?” Consider that in order to answer that question fully, one must have another series of questions that help guide them to that ultimate answer(s).
    Bob Greenwood
  • The monthly expenditure on stock parts when left unchecked can quickly eclipse sales, leaving repairers in the red on stock parts. There are three actions shops can take to manage stock parts and achieve an acceptable level of profit from these tiny, but important, parts.
    Will Latuff
  • Management must take charge of the business. That's your function within the business. Your decisions affect everyone who is working with you. That is a huge weight on your shoulders and it must be taken seriously.
    Bob Greenwood
  • DRIVE’s CEO, Bill Kilpatrick, answered some questions posed by ABRN about the company’s rebranding and future.
    Chelsea Frey