• A shudder type of a feeling may be felt during a first to second shift transition. 
  • After rebuilding an RE5R05A transmission an engine flare up through the third to fourth shift is observed followed by a neutral or slipping condition in 5th gear. 
  • The rear wheel drive five speed transmission known as the RE5R05A (Figure 1) is used in both Nissan and Infiniti vehicles as far back as 2002 to present time.
  • Sitting on top of the valve body are two revolution sensors mounted and connected to the TCM circuit board (figure 1). The sensor most forward to the front of the vehicle is called the Turbine Revolution sensor 2.
  • With reference to repairing automatic transmissions in hybrid vehicles, I think that with time, we might see shops shake out into several categories.
  • This article will highlight portions of a seminar I presented concerning shops that choose to service, repair, rebuild or replace hybrid transmissions.
  • A recent transmission by Ford to hit the streets is an upscale version of their 5R110W transmission called the 6R140W. This transmission is also referred to as the Torqshift 6.
  • Mike Beglitsoff, owner of the Automatic Transmission Center in San Francisco, took in a 2003 BMW 325i with a ZF5HP19 transmission stuck in 4th gear only failsafe.