• Recently, I had a conversation with Bernie Thompson from Automotive Test Solutions were we had a discussion of what it would take to write a program to make just one up-shift. But as you really dig in, there are so many other factors in play. 
  • The DSG, or Dual Clutch Gearbox, is a manual transmission using a Mechatronic system to shift the transmission automatically via a double clutch and double input shaft arrangement 
  • There is a very sophisticated traction control system utilizing a Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) strategy. Part of this braking system includes an Electro-mechanical Actuating Unit (EMF). That information is important to know.
  • General Motors 6T70 and Ford’s 6F50 front wheel drive transmissions are similar but definitely not the same. 
  • Similar to when you purchase a new smart phone, as soon as it’s in your hands, another version emerges making yours a thing of the past.
  • Chrysler’s 41TE FWD transmission has been on the road for 23 years now. I remember when they first came into the shop in 1989.
  • Jose Garcia, one of ATSG’s Technical Field Advisors was called out by one of the local shops here in Miami, to help sort out a 2008 BMW 328Xi AWD (E90) problem.
  • Chrysler’s family of RFE transmissions began as a 4-speed and currently is a 6-speed transmission. The RFE means it is a rear wheel drive, fully electronic transmission.