• ATSG has had many years dealing with great techs in shops around the world. In diagnosing problems with them, they often times share with us other problems they have struggled with and resolved.
  • The good folks at Continental Automatic Transmissions in Bridgeview, Ill., gave me a heads up if a new style 2014 model year 09G transmission now on the road.
  • The U140/240 and 150/250 front wheel drive series transmissions has had and continues to have issues related to the quality of shift transitions. Most times resetting the shift adapts after repairs, rebuild or the replacement of a transmission handles the problem. 
  • Four wheel drive Jeep vehicles that use the NAG1 transmission may suddenly have a no move condition. The presence of a noise may or may not be heard when the transmission is placed into gear. 
  • The programming for the opening day of the Southern Automotive Conference (SAC) added two key pieces with the recent announcement that Micheline Maynard will deliver a keynote on the future of the automotive industry and that Laurie Harbour will lead a supplier excellence panel.
    Southern Automotive Conference
  • Transtar recently unveiled its new website,, redesigned and retooled with customers in mind.   
  • In this article, attention is given to the DQ250 commonly known here in United States as the DSG 02E gear box.
  • Whether you have a 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive vehicle equipped with a 6R140 (commonly referred to as the Torqshift 6), there is only 1 valve body listed for this transmission.