• Toyota’s U660E mounted to a V6 engine and the U760/1E with the L4 is a front wheel drive transmission. It utilizes 7 solenoids to achieve 6 forward gears along with flex lock up control.
  • It’s difficult enough to remember the size of a transmission, but adding transmission manufacturers to the list makes it an even greater task. 
  • The Aisin AW Co., LTD has consistently been the first to market with several different types of automatic transmissions. The longitudinally mounted 8 speed automatic transmission called the TL-80SN is one of these transmissions.
  • With many of today’s vehicles, the engine compartment is so jammed packed the battery needs to be relocated to other areas of the car. In some cases their relocation makes access to them difficult.
  • With several possibilities being the cause to transmission fluid overheating, the subject was reserved for a newsletter all its own.
  • In a previous newsletter called “TCM Relocation”, it spoke about how Ford took a TCM inside the transmission and relocated it externally with some models. 
  • Well, from time to time our technical helpline receives calls with shops fighting a whale of a problem. That is, a transmission blowing fluid out of the vent or worse yet, out of the fill tube if so equipped. 
  • The 6F50 and 6T70 transaxles were developed as a joint effort between Ford and General Motors. Because this was a joint effort, as you can imagine, many of the internal parts are very similar or almost identical but will not interchange.