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Oregon shop stays up to date with vehicle and diagnostic technology

Monday, August 5, 2019 - 06:00
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Picture a town of 2,000 souls nestled along the southern coast of Oregon, and you’ve got Gold Beach, home of Point S Precision Performance. “It’s big enough to sustain this company,” testifies Tim Harding, who founded this auto repair/tire store back in 1986.

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“I was a one-man shop doing automotive repair,” he recalls. “Then around 1988 I diagnosed a car with a bad PCM, but couldn’t fix it because I needed factory software to program it. I realized I had to make a change, and bought my first factory scan tool, a Tech 2. Now I have 22 OE-level software scan tools for Mercedes, Toyota, etc., and probably 15 aftermarket scan tools. If a car comes in, we’re going to fix it. That’s how we built this business up.”

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Profit’s definitely not in diagnostics, though. “No,” Harding laughs. “My subscription fees to keep the scan tools up to date averages around $35,000 a year. But I’m going to fix customers’ brakes, do their oil changes, and sell them tires. That’s how I pay for diagnostics.”

On the tire side Harding’s a member of Point S, a franchise made up of independent owners. “I first bought into it about 20 years ago when it was Tire Factory.” Based out of Europe, Point S has over 4000 points–of-sale worldwide.

“I keep about 1,200 tires in stock,” he explains. “I’d say we have a fill rate of about 70 percent, and 30 percent of the time we have to order what somebody wants. Our tire business is going up and up all the time; I think it’s our prices. I don’t really charge much because to me it’s about giving a good price and keeping people as customers for all the other repairs. If you treat somebody well, they’re going to remember you.”

Harding points out that if he’s going to do anything, “I’d like to try to do it right and be on top of the game.” Which is why he’s now an advocate for lab scope waveform diagnosis.

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