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Massachusetts shop pays homage to its location's roots

Friday, August 25, 2017 - 07:00
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“My issue is space,” he continues. “I just don’t have enough to have one of my bays tied up that long. There’s like 12 customer cars here every day besides all my wholesale alignments. I get here at 7:00, ready to go, and I do my damnedest to get out of here by 5:30.”

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A small portion of their business is the restoration market, perhaps 10-15%. “Everybody around here who restores old cars, they end up here,” proclaims Shimansky. “This is their last stop before they put their Deuce Coupe, ’57 Chevy or ’69 ‘Cuda on the road--they make sure Jimmy lines them up.

“We had a ’53 Buick in the other day from two towns over,” recalls Shimansky. “He had heard about us and had had some work done (by someone else) that he wasn’t happy with. We banged it out for him, Jimmy did the alignment, and he was never happier. Now two guys from his car club have already called to make appointments. That’s what our foundation is built on: we’ll give you a good deal, do great work and stand behind it. That’s our marketing.”

Other than that there’s their website, which is clean, easy to use, mobile-friendly. “I have a Google AdWords Express so I can keep my FEO (front end optimization) at the top,” Shimansky points out. “If anybody wants a tip, get this; they have a $150 limit, and when you’re doing business with Google, it’s in their best interest to keep you at the top. When you spend money with other people, a lot of times they’re just getting you to Google, so I kind of cut out the middle man.”

In such ways Rob Shimansky has succeeded his father. “We’ve already transitioned” he notes, “Everything is in my name now and I’m going to go as for long as my knees let me. Thanks to my father we’ve been in business for 50 years and he set a great foundation for it. For 25 years my father and I worked side-by-side; I taught him some of the newer technology, and he showed me everything else.”

Of course Shimansky couldn’t help but go into the business; Rob was eight years old when his parents moved into the house next to the garage, 10 when he began working in the shop, 12 when he began practically living there. “The shop was my backyard,” he smiles. “As much time as I spent swinging a baseball bat or kicking a soccer ball, I was in this garage.”

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