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What David and Goliath can teach us about business models

Monday, July 9, 2018 - 06:00
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In this episode of the Remarkable Results podcast with Carm Capriotto, a panel dives into the dichotomy of David and Goliath. David, quick nimble and did not perceive that he was an underdog. The panel considers that larger industry players can be Goliath-like … complacent, too structured, weighed down with rules and inflexible. It doesn’t mean that it is bad, but they say small and nimble is better than big and sluggish. They are quick to point out that we can learn a lot from Goliath’s as it pertains to systems and processes.

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Ironically, we did discuss that having a Goliath mentality may be good for a David. We talked about business models, being able to adapt to changes in the marketplace and consumers habits. A great example in the discussion was that Starbucks is a Goliath, but they hire Davids. A very potent strategy for success. We also talk about customer loyalty and what we can learn from the Goliaths of the aftermarket.

Listen to this episode of Remarkable Results by clicking here.


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